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Lehrkraft: Areeba

Lehrkraft Areeba in 52070

Status: Aktiv

Worked as a Lecturer(Computer Science) for 2.5 in University(Courses and labs) and “Teacher Assistant” of different programming subjects(Multiple professional skills).I have can do attitude, good management skills and passion for teaching. I have desire to become a contributor, not just a learner.

  • Wohnort: 52070 Aachen

  • Unterrichtsangebot: Informatik (bis 13. Kl.), Mathematik (bis 8. Kl.), Chemie (bis 8. Kl.), Physik (bis 8. Kl.)

  • Preis: 45 Min. / Ab 19 Euro (je nach Niveau)


  • Verfügbar: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 12 p.m.

  • Kapazitäten: 3 - 4 Stunden pro Woche verfügbar

  • Unterrichtsort: Beim Lehrer oder Schüler

  • Online-Unterricht möglich: Ja

Qualifikation & Erfahrung

  • Studium: Masters in Data Science

  • Lehrerfahrung: 3 Jahre

  • Für Informatik: I completed bachelors and masters in Computer Science and have 3 years experience in teaching. I have very good teaching experience and always wanted to share my knowledge with others which would be beneficial for them.

  • Informatik-Note im Studium: 3+

  • Für Mathematik: Mathematics is main subject in Computer Science field and in high school my major subject was Mathematics. I e strong grip in this subject. It is always fun and productive teaching mathematics to students of different grades.

  • Mathematik-Note im Abitur: 3+

  • Chemie-Note im Abitur: 2+

  • Physik-Note im Abitur: 2+