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Lehrkraft: Monica

Lehrkraft Monica in 86633

Status: Aktiv

I have a 300 Hour TEFL certificate and have specialised in online one-to-on teaching. I am passionate about teaching others, and have developed strong mentoring skills during my career as an Occupational Therapist where I worked with both adults and adolescents.

  • Wohnort: 86633 Neuburg an der Donau

  • Unterrichtsangebot: Englisch (bis Bachelor), Business English (bis Bachelor)

  • Preis: 45 Min. / Ab 16 Euro (je nach Niveau)


  • Verfügbar: All day Mon, Wed and Fri. Tue and Thurs until 3pm

  • Kapazitäten: 0 Stunden pro Woche verfügbar

  • Unterrichtsort: Beim Lehrer oder Schüler

  • Online-Unterricht möglich: Ja

Qualifikation & Erfahrung

  • Studium: BHSc/Master of Occupational Therapy

  • Für Englisch: I am a native English speaker with a high level of written and oral English. I have a 300 hour TEFL qualification. **for better learning, tutoring is fully held in English**

  • Für Business English: I have a 60 hour TEFL qualification in teaching business English. I have also worked in the Health field for 7 years and have an excellent understanding of what language is required in professional meetings, presentations, emails etc