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Lehrkraft: Christine

Lehrkraft Christine in 10963

Status: Aktiv

I love working with young people. In Kenya, I had worked in an NGO that addressed challenges facing the youth. I was part of the project team that assessed their training needs, created training materials and actually trained the youths on Human/Rights and Youth in Participation in Governance.

  • Wohnort: 10963 Berlin

  • Unterrichtsangebot: Englisch (bis 8. Kl.), Biologie (bis 9. Kl.)

  • Preis: 45 Min. / Ab 16 Euro (je nach Niveau)


  • Verfügbar: Monday to Friday available from 1pm to 6pm

  • Kapazitäten: 0 Stunden pro Woche verfügbar

  • Unterrichtsort: Beim Lehrer oder Schüler

  • Online-Unterricht möglich: Ja

Qualifikation & Erfahrung

  • Studium: Master's in Project Management

  • Für Englisch: English is the language of instruction in schools and universities in Kenya. It is also the official language in Kenya; most Kenyans communicate in English. It is spoken on the streets, in the corporate world as well as in government.

  • Englisch-Note in der Oberstufe: B+

  • Für Biologie: I loved Biology while I was in high school. I scored a B+ in the subject back then. At the university, I studied Environmental Science, a course that has much to do with Biology. It is fascinating as it opens up our eyes to life and nature