Lehrkraft: Karris

Lehrkraft Karris in 35037

Status: Aktiv

I am fluent in both french and english, them both being my native languages and have certificates of prof for my understanding in the languages

  • Wohnort: 35037 germany

  • Angebot: Englisch (bis 13. Kl.), Französisch (bis 13. Kl.)

  • Preis: 45 Min. / Ab 20 Euro (je nach Niveau)


  • Verfügbar: Tuesday,wednesday, thursday from 6pm,

  • Kapazitäten: 5 - 6 Stunden pro Woche verfügbar

  • Unterrichtsort: Lokal- und Online-Unterricht möglich

Qualifikation & Erfahrung

  • Studium: I am currently studying basic German

  • Lehrerfahrung: 6 Monate

  • Abiturdurchschnitt: A

  • Für Englisch: I aspire to be an english teacher one day, I have tutored children previously and loved being able to teach others and believe this would be great experience for me in my future career.

  • Englisch-Note im Abitur: A

  • Für Französisch: I have been studying french since I was very little, I was in an all french spoken school for 11 years and my family are all from french speaking countries. I have completed exams, earning a B2 certificate for French.

  • Französisch-Note im Abitur: A