Lehrkraft: Ivan

Lehrkraft Ivan in 21075

Status: Aktiv

I have previous tutoring experience from high school and university where I worked both with young children and high school/college students. Math and English were the subjects I was tutoring and I can proudly say that my students achieved very good results in their exams.

  • Wohnort: 21075 Hamburg

  • Angebot: Englisch (bis Bachelor), Mathematik (bis Bachelor), Business English (bis Bachelor), Sprachunterricht Englisch

  • Preis: 45 Min. / Ab 21 Euro (je nach Niveau)


  • Verfügbar: I am generally free every day after 6pm.

  • Kapazitäten: 0 Stunden pro Woche verfügbar

  • Unterrichtsort: Lokal- und Online-Unterricht möglich

Qualifikation & Erfahrung

  • Studium: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

  • Lehrerfahrung: 3 Jahre

  • Für Englisch: I have extensive experience in English tutoring, from holding official lessons to having casual conversations. Having attended English-speaking high school and university in the US gives me the right to say that English is my mother tongue.

  • Englisch-Note im Studium: 1.00

  • Für Mathematik: I held Math tutoring lessons for young students aged 10-21. My university job (for 2 years) was being a tutor for college students. It also helped that I was studying mechanical engineering, so I was pretty comfortable with the material.

  • Mathematik-Note im Studium: 1.00

  • Für Business English: For the past year, I was a freelance tutor for Business English here in Germany. I worked with several clients and they were pretty satisfied with how their confidence and English speaking have improved.

  • Business English-Note im Studium: 1.00